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Preschool Gymnastics


We teach kids to tumble, run, jump, and twist in our gymnastics programs. Kids learn movement, fine motor skills, tumbling and advanced gymnastics elements in our progressive-based classes. Gymnasts who are ready to take their skills to the next level can get involved in competitive gymnastics where the whole person is developed and competition and winning are kept in healthy perspective.


For the latest information on session dates and class availability, take a look at our flyer below!  For class descriptions, keep scrolling through this page. Please direct questions to Ashley Hoverson at


Summer 1 Session:

May 9 - June 24 (7-weeks)

Registration opens April 22nd 


Summer 2 Session:

July 8th - August 24th (7-weeks)

Registration opens June 24th 




Class descriptions

Parent/Child (ages 2-3)

This parent-guided gymnastics class emphasizes on rhythmic movement, body awareness and repetition. This class focuses on both gross and fine motor development while emphasizing the importance of toddler socialization.


Tumble tots (ages 4-5)

Children will independently explore beginning tumbling skills. Classes will emphasize confidence, following directions, listening and cooperating while using bars, beams, trampolines, and various mats. Children will learn to jump, balance, and roll while practicing taking turns and following a circuit. Parents can choose a one or two day per week option.


Super stars (ages 4-5)

This class is for children who are ready for a challenge but are too young to move into the youth program. Children will learn the basic skills of tumbling, vault, bars and beam while having fun and making new friends. Instructor’s consent is required prior to registration.