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Martial Arts

Martial Arts Classes - Ironworks 

New Sessions start Every Month

Your child will work on skills such as self-discipline, focus, concentration, listening skills, coordination, balance, control, and teamwork. 

Martial Arts is an ongoing registration with an automatic monthly draft on the 1st of each month. A 2-week notice is required to unenroll student and to cancel the automatic draft. You can register at any new month; to ensure quality classes, no new registrations can be taken mid-month. The best option to register is in person or over the phone to ensure your child is put on automatic draft.


Uniform: To be enrolled in our Martial Arts Program, purchasing the uniform is required. On your child's first day of class, the instructor help you with ordering the uniform. It is theirs to keep and wear for each class. 



Members: $40/month
Community: $63/month






Ironworks Branch (K.F. Multi-purpose room)


Ages 4-18: 5:00-5:45PM