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Pedaling For Parkinsons

Pedaling a bicycle may change the life of someone with Parkinson’s disease. Research has shown a 35% reduction in symptoms by the simple act of pedaling a bicycle at a rapid pace – optimally, 80-90 revolutions per minute.

Fast pedaling is not a cure of Parkinson’s disease and should not be touted as such, but there is compelling evidence to show that it does make a real difference for many who try it.

We do know that fast-paced cycling is changing the lives of increasing numbers of participants who, before this, had no hope beyond medication and eventually surgery to slow the progression of their disease.

Location: Roscoe YMCA
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday  |  11:15am-12:00pm
Cost: Free for members and non-members
Contact: For more information contact Erin, 815.623.5858, or email at: 

REQUIRED Medical Screening Form VIEW THE FLYER


Program Requirements


  • Be age 30-75
  • Be diagnosed with Idiopathic PD
  • Complete and submit a signed consent form and medical clearance
  • Agree to periodically monitor progress
  • May not have cardiac or pulmonary disease, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, uncontrolled hypertension or stroke, dementia or other medical conditions that are contraindicative to exercise.