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Stretch. Breathe. Focus.

Our yoga classes are a great complement to many of the other classes offered at Stateline Family YMCA. Want to build some strength and flexibility? Need to relax and stretch? We’ve got the class for you! Our well trained instructors love helping new students find the perfect class or teacher that’s the best fit for their Spirit, Mind and Body. We have a wide variety of class styles to choose from as you can see from the descriptions below. 







Join our instructor in this 45 minute program that promotes parent/toddler bonding, exercise, fine motor skills, breathwork, and a focus on mindset. Join us for this FREE program at the Beloit Public Library on Fridays at 10:00am!



Compasivo Yoga

This class includes an equal blend of warm ups, postures, breath technique, meditation, and deep relaxation that encourages students to completely embody their practice from head to toe with self-compassion. The practice promotes well-being and encourages students to seek balance both on and off the mat. This class is good for all levels of yoga experience with an emphasis on mind-body awareness, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. For ages 16 & up.


Hatha Yoga

Each class focuses on a specific body part (legs, shoulders, core) or pose (hip openers, twists, inversions) and uses a variety of asanas (postures) to achieve a deeper understanding of that focus. Participants move slowly into the poses and stay for a few breaths, developing strength and flexibility and using props and modifications to adjust the practice so it is useful for every student. This class is good for all levels of practice, including beginners.  For ages 12 and up. Children ages 12-15 must be with an adult during the class.


Gentle Yoga

This class is accessible for all and incorporates effective yoga postures, along with basic breathing techniques, relaxation, and meditation.  Postures are seated or standing with the support of yoga accessories, or props, to create balance, ease and body awareness. This class is good for all levels of practice, especially those that are new to yoga. For ages 16 and up.


Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa links breath and movement promoting harmony of mind, body and spirit. This class focuses dynamic sequences of flowing yoga postures built around Sun Salutations, with continued attention to breath and alignment. Energize, strengthen and build heat as you work to refine postures and deepen your connection to your body and mind. Most of the time, the studio is heated for this class-stay up-to-date with our Stateline Family YMCA App. Temperatures for heated Vinyasa are between 85-90 degrees. Prior yoga experience is recommended. For ages 16 and above.


Yin Yoga

Yin practice focuses on increasing flexibility, range of motion, strengthening the joints and decreasing deeply held physical tension with a focus on relaxing the muscles, in order to gain a deeper access to the joints and connective tissues.  We use mindfulness techniques to promote a calm and meditative state of mind.  Yin yoga is in perfect balance to the more heating and muscular based forms of yoga and appropriate for all levels of experience.  For ages 16 and above.